Virtual Data Rooms

Virtual data rooms are used to store and share important documents during corporate transactions. They’re a vital tool for M&A, capital raises as well as tenders, regulatory filings and tenders. These are often sensitive documents that should be shared securely with external parties in order to protect intellectual property.

Most often, the individuals who analyze the data are in different locations of the world. Accessing the information remotely can save time, and reduces travel costs for due diligence meetings. VDRs also make it easier to find data using keyword search capabilities.

They eliminate the necessity of indexing and photocopying documents, reducing the cost of physical data rooms. They are also more flexible, giving users to browse information on any device. This allows companies to broaden their horizons for buyers and improve the odds of a successful sale.

Modern VDRs have improved capabilities and AI functions that help to increase efficiency and improve accuracy in document review. For instance, iDeals Venue offers auto-indexing redaction, search and search capabilities that speed up and simplify contract review.

A good VDR will also have a solid physical security plan which includes data redundancy, offsite backups and fire protection. In addition, a high-quality system will allow administrators to manage access for users using the ability to control print and save settings in a granular manner and tracking of every activity and reporting. They can also track who has viewed what and at what time. They can also put dynamic watermarks on every page of a document that is viewed or printed to ensure privacy.

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