The Fundamentals of Business Data Communication

Data communication enables electronic and digital information to be exchanged between two networks, regardless of the location or the type of data. Companies that utilize the technology can boost their operational efficiency and competitiveness with better communication. It is also the foundation for transforming processes to make them more efficient and efficient.

In today’s information-driven environment, it is crucial for every organization to be adept at extracting valuable data from a huge amount of data. It is also essential to convey this knowledge to others. These skills are acquired by studying three core areas: Understanding Data and Extracting Value Data as well as effective communication. With the growing importance of these topics an understanding of the fundamentals of business data communication is vital for any student who is interested in the field of business or information management.

Awarded for its accuracy, cutting-edge orientation and clear the presentation, this best-selling book gives students a complete understanding of all they need to know about information networking and communications — from the design of networks and hardware to security and LANs. The text begins with a discussion of requirements, followed by an examination of communication and networking options to meet those requirements.

The primary goal of the text is to present the technical material in a context that is relevant to the requirements and concerns of business executives and staff. To this end the text is arranged around the requirements and applications rather than focusing solely on the technology behind it.

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