The Benefits of Electronic Document Management Systems

A comprehensive document management plan is a crucial step in optimizing your business processes and increasing your organization’s competitiveness. However, it’s not a easy task of simply flipping the switch and getting everyone to agree to the change. It’s important to help every team understand how organizing your processes based on documents can boost their productivity and efficiency.

An EDMS eliminates the need for physical files to be saved and retrievable. This lets your team recover storage space and other resources that can be used elsewhere. It also reduces the risk of lost files or lost paper files.

Many EDMS platforms are also platform agnostic, allowing teams to work from desktops and mobile devices without risking the integrity of data, document control, or content access. They also offer real-time monitoring capabilities that are easy to understand and let you know how your document-driven processes are running at a 10,000-foot height.

Furthermore the EDMS will automatically archive copies of all iterations of a document over its life-cycle which is crucial for legal compliance and retention policies for documents. It also allows the imposing of an official hold on certain files that prevents them from being deleted or modified until the hold is lifted. This is a major benefit over the DIY document management approach which many organizations employ with file-sharing applications such as Google Drive or Box. These apps could quickly become insufficient for a business that requires robust control of its files and indexing abilities.

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