How to Run Effective Virtual Meetings

In-person or remote worker, efficient communication is essential to your success. Meetings that are virtual can be particularly difficult to manage, but following the suggestions in this article can help you create more productive meetings.

Engage the attendees from the beginning. Begin meetings with a short break in the ice, such as having people share highlights from their week or a fun information they learned. This helps create a positive environment and gives attendees a focus before focusing on the agenda.

At the beginning of the meeting, designate an individual to take notes. It’s easy for participants to lose important information during a distant meeting. Having a person record the discussion will prevent miscommunication. Encourage everyone to take notes so that they can look over and apply the knowledge later.

It isn’t easy to avoid speaking simultaneously or interrupting someone else in a virtual environment. To avoid this encourage turn-taking, try encouraging the use of «raise your hand» in your virtual meeting software.

End your meeting with clear action items. This helps ensure that your team follows through on the goals and decisions you make in your meetings. It’s also an excellent idea for meeting organizers to send out a detailed summary of the meeting outcomes and action items, usually within several hours of the end of the meeting. This can be accomplished through an online document shared with the group or by sending an email to your meeting software.

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