Best Practices for Taking Minutes at Board Meetings

There are a variety of best methods for recording minutes at board meetings that best business management software can boost the effectiveness of your business. No matter if you’re a board secretary or just taking notes, these methods can aid in obtaining clear and precise minutes of board meetings each time.

Begin by looking over the agenda: Having a logical agenda will help you keep the minutes of meetings organized so it’s easier to find what you need later on. You can also develop an agenda template that you use to fill out your minutes as board meetings progress. This will ensure that the content of the minutes is pertinent and that it follows a consistent format.

Attendance: Recording who is in the room is crucial for your final minutes record. You can do this by noting names on the agenda or passing out sheets of sign-in and recording the results. This will enable you to include an complete attendance list in board minutes.

Stick to your outline. Even when the discussion diverges from the original topic, it’s important to stick to the outline. By keeping the discussion on track it’s much easier to create a clear and concise minutes of the meeting that are an account of your organization’s decision-making procedures. Document the outcome of each motion, including exactly what was said in the motion, as well as who initiated it and the people who voted or against it. Include information about any reports reviewed or handouts distributed at the meeting, as well as any other options that were considered for major decisions.

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